At Merryville we have always strived to produce a sheep of sound constitution which has the ability to cut the most wool possible and which is resistant to fleece rot.  Our formula to achieve this productivity is 'weight in relation to micron in relation to wool type'. 

We work closely with our buyers to identify their desired wool types and then breed as much of that wool type on our sheep as we can.  These wool types are different for the different micron ranges. The emphasis on length, staple, crimp frequency and tip changes as the wool type gets stronger ie. 17 micron to 20 micron.

Objective measurement is not a new thing at Merryville stud. Our stud sires have been fleece weighed for the past 90 years while micron testing has been in use for the past 25 years. In addition to this we continually benchmark ourselves at shows, wether trials and multi-vendor sales across Australia.

Merryville Stud sheep have a high performance level of production, which we will continue to maintain.  Together with increased fertility, wool cuts and body weight within our wool type, we are aiming to produce a performance driven sheep that will provide long term profitable results for our clients.

Since 1985 we have won 28 individual wether trials, achieved five Sydney Show Supreme awards and have been awarded Most Successful Exhibition at Goulburn, Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo for six successive years.

The performance and wool sale results achieved by our clients provide a good testimony to our breeding objectives and regularly our clients are seen at the top of their field. We feel Merryville Stud is maintaining its position as the parent stud of the fine wool industry in Australia.

Sire performance such as Brilliant Example 13th which at 3 years of age cut 15.3kg of 19.7 micron wool with a CV (co-efficient of variation) of 15.4 and Ringmaster 38th which cut 14.5kg of 17 micron are good indicators that Merryville is effectively meeting its objectives.

Further evidence that Merryville is well and truly on the right track was shown at the recent Balmoral Wether Trial (VIC) where a Merryville client, Mr Snow Campbell, achieved an outstanding average of $159 per head. The top wether of that team produced 5.5kg of 15.0 micron wool valued at $300 per head.  The result sets a new Australian wether trial benchmark.

Wally Merriman,
Managing Director

"Ringmaster 35th"

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